6 Oct 2013 – Ecclesiastes 3 – A Time For Everything

Published October 4, 2013 by Ray Bell in Next Sunday

This week James Krieg will be bringing the message from Ecclesiastes 3. He writes:

“In Ecclesiastes chapter three the Teacher calls us to wrestle with one of the Big issues – the seeming inevitability of all that happens under the sun. ‘For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.’ For some this is fate, for others chance, but for the teacher, and for those who follow His wisdom, we see that it is the sovereign hand of God. Unless we know the reality of the loving Father who knows and determines the beginning from the end, we will have no purpose in our work, no joy in the present and – critically – no way of coping with the reality of evil and injustice in this world. Can we really believe that ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time.’?”

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