Christian Parents and Their Children

Published October 4, 2013 by Grant Thorpe in Books
Author: Grant Thorpe.

christian-parents-childrenMany people are surprised, and greatly encouraged, when they see what the Bible has to say about Christian parents and their children. There is confusion in the community about the role of parents, and children, of course, have an instinct for making their parents feel inept! We could all do with some encouragement!

This booklet does not seek to prescribe solutions for dilemmas or recipes for success, but rather to describe the task God has given to parents, and what hope he has provided for them.

The central theme of the booklet is that parents are to represent God’s Fatherhood to their children-nothing more, but nothing less. It shows that parents must know God as their Father, and as the Father of their children. Parents who know the gracious and firm dealings of God with themselves represent this to their children. In this way, children will then learn that they have to do, not just with their parents but with God.

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