Grace Filled Marriage – Grace Filled Headship & Submission

Event Date: June 1, 2014 Time: 5:00-7:00pm Location: Coro Baptist

Grace Filled Headship & Submission

The second session in a series of five for married couples (and singles!) of all ages.

Marriage is called ‘a profound mystery’ in the bible. In life, it can be filled with both joy and  heartache, celebrations and struggles, fun and fear. Whatever our experience of marriage, most of us know it is bigger than us, and needs something more than just us to be sustained and to thrive.

Because marriage is a profound mystery, and its meaning is found in the covenant bond between Christ and the church, every aspect of marriage is to be founded upon and filled with God’s grace. How else can two sinners come together as one flesh and thrive in a fallen world?

We commend this series to you and trust it will be an encouragement to all and enable us to display something of the glory and grace of God in marriage.


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