Coromandel Valley in 1912 – Baptist Church on the right

  • 12 December 1858: Coromandel Valley Baptist Church established by Mr & Mrs W Maddern, Mr & Mrs Alexander Murray (senior) and Mr John Hammond. They met in the former school room which was on the site of Coromandel Valley Cemetery.
  • 1872: Sunday School established.
  • 1881-1895: Services held in the Coromandel Valley Institute.
  • 1895: New building at corner of Crane Avenue and Main Road opened for services. The new building had a baptistry. Previously baptisms had been performed in the Sturt Creek.
  • 1954: Memorial Hall built in honour of those who served in World War II.
  • 1955: Hawthorndene Baptist Church planted by some younger people from the church.
  • 198X ?? – The church merged with Hawthorndene Baptist Church to create “Coromandel Valley and Hawthorndene Baptist Church”. The former building of the Hawthorndede church on Pasteur Avenue was sold and is now a private dwelling.
  • 198X ??: The congregation outgrow the small church building on Crane Ave/Main Road and start meeting at New Creation Teaching Ministeries on Ackland Hill Road, Coromandel East.
  • XXXX: Church is renamed “Coromandel Baptist Church”
  • 1997: Building on Crane Ave/Main Road was sold to Coromandel Uniting Church, who redeveloped it as part of their current site.
  • 2013: Following the dissolution of New Creation Teaching Ministeries, the church purchased and renovated the buildings on Ackland Hill Road where we currently meet.


Baptist Churches in Mitcham, by Mitcham Local History Service and Heritage Research Centre (July 2006)