Ready for God – Ready to Live ~ 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 ~ 8 Frebruary 2015

Published February 3, 2015 by Grant Thorpe in Next Sunday

What answer do we have for those who think a Christian’s life is dowdy, defeatist and unsuccessful? Some so-called smart teachers in Corinth are saying that Paul and his message are inferior to what they have to offer. This is much the same as the atheists and sceptics are saying about us Christians now!
Paul has given us a number of reasons to be proud of Christ and confident to live, and now adds that a Christian’s life is open ended—looking forward to a renewed body and to being with Christ. The Holy Spirit guarantees this with a new life of freedom from condemnation and confidence to live. We can even look forward to getting what we deserve when judged by Christ. As justified people our sins will not be remembered but every empty deed will be burned up and every faithful deed be remembered and rewarded.
Here is true dignity. By comparison, the world has only got what it can see—with no real understanding of life, and no redeemer.

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