The Promise of Peace ~ 17 May 2015

Published May 14, 2015 by Ray Bell in Next Sunday

Last week we commenced our series, ‘The Things That Make For Peace’. This week we consider the promises of God concerning peace. The peace of God we enjoy today is not some ethereal notion of tranquility, or a delicate balancing act of work, rest and play, but is secure and full of substance. Our present peace is based upon the past promises of God fulfilled in Christ, and is known together with the hope and assurance of the full and future peace to come through him. We can be as sure and certain of this as the name of the Lord is holy, for it is for the sake of his holy name that God acts and establishes peace. Furthermore, he has placed his holy name upon his us, his people, and has therefore blessed us and established us by grace, in Christ himself who is our peace.

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