All Authority Is From God ~ Romans 8:1-7 ~ 7 August 2016

Published August 6, 2016 by Ray Bell in Next Sunday

As our society and culture move further away from our Christian heritage and values we will have occasion, perhaps many, to ask questions such as, “How do we as Christians live faithfully in this world?” or “How do we live in the world, but not of the world?” or “What should I do when the law tells me to do this, but God tells me to do that?”
In our passage this week, from Romans 13:1-7, Paul addresses our relationship as believers with the governing authorities. Whilst we are “not to be conformed to this world,” the gospel of grace and our freedom in Christ does not remove our obligation to submit to those in authority in any way. On the contrary, such authorities have been instituted by God himself and so, to submit to them, is to submit to God; to resist them, is to resist God, and this will incur judgment.
These matters of authority and submission, even paying our taxes, are not merely civil or earthly matters. They are in fact matters of worship, of faith and of love. May we hear this word with willing hearts, and may our lives and submission to those in authority be holy and acceptable to God.

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