Christian Basics

Published December 5, 2014 by Grant Thorpe in Bible Studies

By Grant Thorpe

Christian Basics is a series of studies on the truths that are essential for our relationship with the living God, ourselves, and others. The studies are centred around the theme of God’s call to man, and show not only how man is called from darkness to light, but how he is to live thereafter within the terms of that call, and how he may grow in an appreciation of its riches.


Study 1. The Meaning of God’s Call (PDF)

Study 2. Called in the Grace of Christ (PDF)

Study 3. Called by God to Repentance (PDF)

Study 4. Called Through the Gospel (PDF)

Study 5. Called to Believe (PDF)

Study 6. Called to Union with Christ (PDF)

Study 7. Called Children of God (PDF)

Study 8. Walking Worthily of the Calling (PDF)

Study 9. Consider your Call (PDF)

Study 10. Called and Justified (PDF)

Study 11. Called to Freedom (PDF)

Study 12. Called to be Saints, the People of God (PDF)

Study 13. Called to Holiness (PDF)

Study 14. Called to Proclaim (PDF)

Study 15. Called to Suffer (PDF)

Study 16. The Prize of God’s High Calling (PDF)

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