Fill All the Earth

Published April 10, 2019 by Grant Thorpe in Poems

Fill all the earth

Fill all the earth with good creatures who with you
Will take its resources and make a great plan;
Find all you can about things that are living
And make the whole earth a great haven for man.
The sun will give warmth and rich foliage raise,
And will measure the length of your years and your days.
Use all these things and enjoy what you do,
I’ve designed all these things to be suited to you.

Big thoughts and new thoughts will press for attention,
New lands and high mountains you may explore.
Very small things that are hidden from vision
Will burst with their story when brought to the fore.
The earth is so full of these great and small wonders,
And each one will lead to a great many more.
The earth must be filled to inhabit its wideness
And taught how to work to release its great store.

‘For I am no God who loves to be silent,
Hiding myself from the creatures I’ve formed.
But you’ll know me in actions and sharing my labours.
You are made in my image to create and to know.
All of my nature is clearly portrayed for you
There in the way that all things have been made.’

Harness the forces of rivers and waters.
Find how to use what all creatures can do.
Open up places and ways for each other,
For what’s to be done can’t be done by a few.
Help one another be patient and thorough;
Rewards only come with persistence and toil.
Consider what others perceive in their labours;
What’s shown to the least must be shouted to all.

My plan is that people may work with their neighbours,
So each can provide for the needs of the whole.
In the warmth of this care and providing of plenty,
A Father Creator all men will behold.

© 1979 Grant Thorpe (from the musical This World is His)

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