Heirs According to Promise — Galations 3:15-29 — 5 October 2014

Published October 2, 2014 by coroAdmin in Next Sunday

In this section (Galations 3:15-29), Paul highlights how the promise given to Abraham is not superseded by the giving of the Law to Moses. Instead, the inheritance promised to Abraham supersedes the Law in the sense that, while the Law cannot give us life, the promise by faith in Christ does give life to all who believe.

No-one can achieve righteousness through the Law, rather the Law helps to expose our sin and to bring us to see our total moral failure so that we no longer trust ourselves but Christ as our only hope for righteousness.

This is appalling news to those who assess themselves as righteous based on their background or performance, but a tremendous relief and the greatest of joys for those who know they can never do enough to deserve God’s favour.

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