Published October 30, 2015 by Grant Thorpe in Poems


God walked
In the cool of day
To visit Eve and Adam
And found them

Pride of rivaling God
And knowing good and evil,
When God drew near,
Had made them

God came, and comes, to prideful us
Seeking out our hiding places
To honour us with his word
Of death to pride and birth of

So when God’s Son was born
To Mary
The proud rose up with fearful rage
But the lowly found
A Saviour

Could they then see
The awful battle God had joined?
This Son would wear our pride
And tremble in our place to bring

Pride is not what ‘others’ have
It is our own
But do not fear God’s trespass on our world
The mighty will fall; the meek find

© Grant Thorpe, Christmas 2001

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