The Harvest of the Spirit – Galatians 5:25-6:10 – 16 November 2014

Published November 12, 2014 by John Dunkley in Next Sunday

In Galatians 5:25-6:10 Paul gives us a snapshot of how walking by the Spirit is worked out in the cut and thrust of everyday life and relationships. It is worked out in how we respond to someone who is caught in sin, bearing the burden of seeking to restore them whilst at the same time recognizing that we ourselves are nothing, apart from the grace of God.
Life in the Spirit is not a matter of looking down on others in order to pump ourselves up. Comparing ourselves with others is a clever way of opting out of personal responsibility.  Rather, the Spirit’s way involves bearing the responsibility of examining our own actions without looking sideways at the failure of others.
No one can get away with turning their nose up at God. We reap what we sow. But even those who sow to the Spirit can grow jaded and disillusioned if they do not keep hold of God’s promise regarding the certainty of reaping a harvest in the Lord’s good time if they do not give up.

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