The Meek and The Bold

Published October 4, 2013 by Grant Thorpe in Books
Author: Grant Thorpe.

The Meek and The Bold - Book Cover ThumbnailIn this booklet, the author shows why Christians are frequently timid and why churches sometimes resemble the anxious-to-please labrador. He looks at the church’s sometimes blustering past-a false confidence not to be resurrected.

Great tasks wait to be done and Christians are urged into action, often with no effect. The writer sees the need for a rediscovery of meekness-the meekness of Christ and of grateful Christian faith.

‘The meek are not those who are cowered before their fellow men, but – those who have been humbled before God. They know the true meekness of living-as a creature in a Creator’s world, as a -saved-person in the presence of their ‘Saviour’ as a subject in the King’s kingdom, and as a servant in a world of brothers. They have become sharers of God’s nature as revealed by Christ.’

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