The Power of God for Salvation ~ Romans 1:8-17 ~ 31 January 2015

Published January 27, 2016 by Ray Bell in Next Sunday

This week we look at verses 8-17 of Paul’s first chapter to the Romans where we hear of his longing to visit the believers in Rome. For both their encouragement and his own, he is eager to preach the gospel to them, in order that he might reap some harvest among them. Despite Rome being the ‘power-house’ of the day, Paul is not ashamed to declare that in the gospel lies the ultimate power, the very power of God for salvation, to which every other power must submit to, because in the gospel ‘the righteousness of God is revealed’.
In our present age of reason and relativism, which is moving further and further away from God and faith in Jesus Christ, it is still the gospel which is the power of God for salvation. And, it is still the righteousness of God revealed in the gospel which provides the solution to humanity’s greatest dilemma – sin! Whatever progress we make, (or think we are making), and however weak and foolish the cross of Christ might sound in today’s world, it is always by faith in Him, and by faith alone, that we are made right with God and will find rest for our souls. “As it is written, ‘the righteous shall live by faith.'”

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