We Do Not Have a Feeble Christ ~ 2 Corinthians 12:11-13:10 ~ 24 April 2015

Published April 23, 2015 by John Dunkley in Next Sunday

As Paul comes to the end of his letter to the Corinthians he makes it clear that the holy jealousy he feels for their spiritual welfare is no light matter that can be ignored or pushed aside. He warns them that when he comes he will not spare those who are unrepentant. Some have wrongly assumed that Paul was too weak to be able to bring them to account. If they would not acknowledge the power and authority of Christ that was evident in his life and ministry they would meet that power face to face when he visited.
In saying that ‘Christ was crucified in weakness’ we are not telling the whole story of the holy love of God. He was crucified in weakness in order to unmask and defeat evil and now He lives as Lord and Judge by the power of God. They have not only miscalculated Paul – they have miscalculated Christ. The Lord is not feeble in dealing with the Corinthians. Neither is he feeble in dealing with his church.
It is good to be reminded that no one should ever presume upon the infinite love of Christ displayed in his cross, thinking that they can now treat sin lightly, for one day they will be confronted by the irresistible power and authority of the living Christ ‘…and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him’.

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